You may have the option to enroll in a program that provides overall health care management support. You’ll see the specific benefits for which you’re eligible when you access the Mercer Marketplace 365+ website.

Imagine you’ve been told you need a medical procedure to treat a recently diagnosed condition. It’s hard to know where to start. How will you find the best doctor, and what will it cost? Where can you get a second opinion? What if you have a billing issue?

The Mercer Marketplace 365+ HUB is a voluntary benefit that provides you with one-on-one support to help you improve the quality and cost of your care. By enrolling in the 365+ HUB, you will receive personal health advocacy services, price comparison tools, physician performance ratings, expert medical opinions and more — all a click or phone call away, all year long. 365+ HUB costs about $5 per month. See your specific coverage costs on the Mercer Marketplace 365+ website.

Find an advocate

The 365+ HUB has a team of registered nurses, medical directors, and benefits and claims specialists who work right alongside each other to help you. A personal health advocate with expert knowledge about your benefits will help you:

  • Find the right doctor
  • Schedule appointments quickly
  • Resolve benefits issues efficiently
  • Secure elder care with confidence
  • Work seamlessly with insurance providers
  • Transfer medical records promptly and securely
Compare prices

The cost of healthcare services can vary significantly, even within the same geographic area and health plan. Here are just a few examples:

  • Knee replacement surgery: $18,887 ‒ $57,194
  • MRI: $450 ‒ $2,450
  • Colonoscopy with biopsy, tumor, polyp or lesion removal: $1,314 ‒ $3,007

365+ HUB’s Health Cost Estimator+ is an easy-to-use online tool that shows what you can expect to pay for a service based on your medical plan and lets you compare prices so you can make smarter decisions about your care.

Compare quality

With the Mercer Marketplace 365+ HUB, you can review the quality scores of doctors in your area based on your condition and need. Scorecards include:

  • Physician performance scores
  • Quality analysis
  • Experience and outcomes ranking
  • Evaluations based on billions of doctor-patient interactions
Get expert medical opinions

Don’t hesitate to get another opinion, especially if it’s a concerning or serious condition. The 365+ HUB gives you and your covered family members access to world-class specialists who will review your case and give you an expert opinion on your diagnosis and treatment plan. About 40% of people receive an improved diagnosis and 99% recommend this service. It’s peace of mind at a time when you may need it most. 365+ HUB accepts all cases and sticks with you every step of the way.

Talk the talk

See a term you don't know? Use this fun, interactive dictionary to understand the language of health care.


If you have questions, call a Mercer Marketplace 365+ benefit counselor at 888-281-3534.