Making benefit changes

After you enroll, you may not change or cancel your benefit elections during 2020 unless you experience a qualifying life event. Otherwise, your next opportunity to change your benefits will be the 2021 open enrollment period, which is held in the fall.

Qualifying life events include but are not limited to:

  • Marriage.
  • Divorce or legal separation.
  • Birth or adoption of an eligible child.
  • Death of your spouse/domestic partner or covered child.
  • Loss or addition of other group coverage.
  • Change in your spouse/domestic partner’s work status (part-time to full-time or vice versa; taking or returning from an unpaid leave of absence).
  • Change in your work status that affects your benefits.
  • Change in residence that affects your eligibility for coverage.
  • You or your covered dependent becomes eligible for Medicare.
Take action!

If you are new to Chenega, you must actively enroll if you want the benefits that fit the needs of you and your family members in 2020.

What to do if you experience a life event

If you need to make benefit changes as a result of a life event, visit the Mercer Marketplace 365+ website or call a Mercer Marketplace 365+ benefit counselor at 888-281-3534. You must make changes to your benefits within 31 days of a qualifying event — or within 60 days of a loss of Medicaid/CHIP coverage or within 60 days of gaining eligibility for a state’s premium assistance program under Medicaid or CHIP.

Keep in mind

When changing your benefits due to a life event, the changes you make must be consistent with that event. For example, you cannot drop dental coverage because you got married. You can, however, add your spouse/domestic partner to your dental coverage.

Important note for COBRA expatriates

Cigna Global provides international coverage for members living abroad and coverage for members who have moved back into the United States (called stateside coverage). If you are an expatriate on COBRA who experiences an address change, please contact 877-248-0510 Option 1, 8am – 8pm EST to update your records.


If you have questions, call a Mercer Marketplace 365+ benefit counselor at 888-281-3534.